Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel to Bali if my passport is only valid for 3 more months?
No, most destinations, including Bali, require 6 month validity from the date you depart their country!
Do infants travel for free on International flights?
No, Infants under 2 years only travel free on domestic flights and they pay 10% of the adult airfare when travelling on International flights.
Do I need a passport to go to Norfolk Island?
Yes and No, although your passport is preferred as it is an International departure flight, you can also apply for an identity card from your local post office.
Can I take medication with me when travelling overseas?
Yes, we recommend, however, that you check with the embassy of the country that you are travelling to. In some countries some medications are illegal. It is also recommended that you get a list of your medications from your Doctor.
Do I need any injections? It is my first time travelling overseas?
We recommend that you check with your Doctor as it depends on where you are travelling too! Some injections such as the Yellow Fever injection are a requirement when entering certain countries, other injections are by choice.
Why book through a travel agent when I book online?
Not only do we source the best deal for you, we offer 24 hour emergency assistance and are your point of contact for airlines, accommodation and car hire, while you are travelling!
How much hand luggage can you take on a flight?
In general 7kgs but always check with us as some airlines may vary.
I am travelling with a baby? Can I take my pram and car seat?
Every airline is different so it is best to check with us.
What happens if I lose my airline ticket?
Contact us and we will either email or text you your ticket number and/or flight details as all tickets are now electronic so you don’t generally need one, but it is best to check with us as some countries may require to look at a hard copy or require a reservation and/or ticket number.
What is the safest way to take foreign currency?
Access pre-paid Debit cards are the best and most cost effective way of taking foreign currency. They are now also available in multi-currencies!
What currency do I need?
Our travel experts will advise what best suits as this will depend on the destination you are travelling to.
Will my mobile work overseas?
You will need to contact your service provider and ask them to turn on your international roaming, there is no cost to do this, ensure you check what costs will be incurred when calling or texting. We recommend that you ask us about Travel Sim, a cheaper and very competitive pre-paid sim card.
Do I need an international driver’s license when driving overseas?
Each destination has different requirements, it’s always best to check with us when making a booking.
How long before an Australian domestic departure should I be at the airport?
We recommend at least 1 hour prior to scheduled departure time.
How long before an International departure from Australia should I be at the airport?
We recommend at least 2 hours prior when departing from an international airport Australia. Check-in on all international flights opens 3 hours before scheduled departure time.
Do I need to reconfirm my flights?
Most airlines no longer require you to reconfirm. However as part of our service to you we will advise should the airline make a change. We still recommend that you call the airline to confirm that flight time has not changed.