Julie Waters

Julie Waters

Job title: Travel Expert

Email: julie@travel-fnq.com

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About Me

My passion for travel started from my mother who was a dreaming gypsy. One of 15 children and only dreamed of travel prior to my taking her to Hong Kong. I worked for airlines from when I was 19 and my passion for travel grew as I experienced what the rest of the world had to offer.

Favourite Travel Experience: Egypt

My most memorable travel experiences have been to countries very opposite in living to Australia and meeting people with unique stories to tell. I loved travelling around China before it became open to tourists and the streets were a sea of bicycles and the colour of the people was navy blue, khaki, grey and black. Egypt was like nowhere else in the world with a unique sound of bells calling you to worship every hour to the smell of camels to the feeling of dust in every pore of your skin in the Valley of the Kings whilst on a stubborn mule for transport. I have a lifetime of experiences that I now love to share with clients and places to show my children. The passion will take me lots of places still in the future…