Miri Brandt

Miri Brandt

Job title: Travel Expert

Email: miri@travel-fnq.com

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About Me

Growing up in Germany, I was lucky enough to travel to many places with my family in Europe from when I was young. Being able to explore different countries and cultures made me even more curious about what the rest of the world had to offer. So I decided to study abroad in Australia and currently am completing my Bachelor of Tourism Management. I have made the Tablelands my new home and can`t wait for new opportunities to travel.

“I`m in love with [places] I`ve never been to and people I`ve never met”. – John Green

Favourite Travel Experience: Netherlands.

Riding the bike along the sea walls of the Netherlands, canoeing in the canals of Holland, enjoying the sunset over the Ijsselmeer and exploring Dutch cities and their unique architecture and food.