Uli Lenitschek

Job title: Director and Bavarian/Europe Specialist

Email: uli@travel-fnq.com

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About Me

Travel is my life. In my mind there is no better way to enrich yourself.  I love the outdoors and the natural wonders this amazing planet has to offer. I enjoy meeting locals from all around the world and learning about their customs.

I have been travelling non-stop for over 40 years now and have had many amazing experiences.  I love helping people to realise their travel dreams and I get excited for them every time.

I have spent 8 years living in Europe – it is such a vibrant continent and I can’t get enough of the destination.

The last few years I have travelled with my husband and children and it has shown me the world through a different perspective.

I am very lucky that I could make my passion my career and have owned the business since 1992.  I am surrounded by the most amazing team which makes going to work a lot of fun.

Favourite Travel Experience:

My travel experience:
Starting the day way before dawn and hiking up the summit of one of the Alps Mountains to greet the sun is a wonderful experience.
Peaceful, rejuvenating and absolutely free! Best therapy on earth……..