Holiday in Africa

Imagine a place which has more animals than anywhere else on Earth, and where every day is going to be the most exciting you have ever lived – THIS IS AFRICA.

With its enormous size, incredible diversity, with more languages spoken than anywhere else, with beautiful forests, interesting people, different landscapes, stunning beaches, oldest history and the most extraordinary animals & birds, Africa offers something for everyone. It is life changing. Children from the West go there and realise that there is more to life than Virtual Reality – there is actually something even better. Families & Multi-generational groups bond and can relate as it offers to the young, the same as to their parents and to their grandparents. It is one of the few places on Earth that everyone sees through the same eyes at the same time. Honeymooners get to share the excitement of an unforgettable adventure with the opportunity of time to relax on some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere.

Don’t take our word for it – see it for yourself NOW !

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In Austria you can find the perfect mixture of culture and nature for your holidays. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of historic cities like Vienna, Salzburg or Innsbruck and enjoy their architecture, arts and culinary delights. Discover the most important masterpieces of world-famous musicians like Mozart or Beethoven and painters such as Klimt or Schiele. Breathe in the Alpine air, stay in cosy mountain huts with tremendous views and explore the Austrian countryside with all its traditions and natural gifts, like the beautiful Wachau Valley in Lower Austria, the Lake District in the SalzburgerLand or the big mountain ranges in Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

Don’t forget to try some of Austria’s delicious dishes like “Wiener Schnitzel”, “Käsespätzle” or “Schweinsbraten”, go for a “Brettljause”, enjoy a glass of Austrian wine and eventually tell everybody about the wonderful time you had in the heart of Europe.