Discover the Ross Sea!

More than likely the only continent outside Australia that Australian’s will be able to travel to this coming summer.
Departures will run from November 2020 to March 2022 and depart from Hobart and Bluff (South Island of NZ). As Antarctica is COVID 19 free and passengers will not visit another continent, this is likely to be the only way Australian’s can explore further afield than Australia and NZ without having to worry about COVID or having to quarantine on their return (TBC with government approvals).

The New Zealand and Australian sub- Antarctica islands (Macquarie Island, Auckland Islands, Campbell Islands and the Snares) have more penguin species than the likes of South Georgia, the famed sub-Antarctica wildlife location departing from Argentina. And that’s before you even get to the Ross Sea. The Ross Sea is almost certainly the most pristine marine environment in the planet and is teeming with wildlife. For example, it’s near impossible to see an Emperor Penguin on a regular Antarctica trip from Argentina, whereas it’s very, very likely on a Ross Sea trip.

What about COVID protocols onboard the ship?
There are a range of covid protocols being put in place on these ships to allow for safer practices. In any case, only Australians and New
Zealanders will be allowed to book on the trips given that foreign nationals will not be allowed into Australia or New Zealand.

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